Friday, April 5, 2013

Still not installing on iPad

I worked on trying to figure out why my installation is not working...

What have I found out so far,
1. I had an old debug version of my game from the 24th March, only a week older than my last working version. Cool. I put this up on testFight and downloaded to my iPad and it installed. This tells me there that it was a recent change and more importantly that my iPad is fine, and not the problem.
2. I tried to use to download previous versions as I was going to try and zone in on exactly when it went wrong, so I could get a date and time from a good version (last known good they call it). I was not able to figure out if this is possible with testFlight though, so it was a dead end.
3. I compared all my pList files (two of them) from my current version with the debug version that worked. They are exactly the same... How sad, and disappointing.
4. I compared my debug mkb file with the current one and once again found no differences. That means the two places that install info is situated have not changed (as they shouldn't have tbh). Still more disappointment.
5. Went off sulking and wondering what to try next.

6. Woke up this morning with an answer. I will start by grabbing dated and timed versions from my SVN repository and get to the point that it worked, and then went wrong on the next submit. This will most likely take me several hours, but at least it should eventually lead me very close to the problem.

1. My iPad is fine even after its recent install. YAY!
2. Reading posts all over the internet tell me my provision file is wrong OR my plist file. But they both appear fine.
3. I have no idea what could have changed to make it not install

Heres hoping,
Da Voodoochief

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