Friday, April 5, 2013

Not installing on iPad part 3

Here I am again, still failing at being able to put apps onto my iPad. The latest trail I have followed and my conclusions below...

I use a subversion (SVN) system to not just save all my work, but to allow other team members to work with me. I pay for the service and it has always proven reliable. I have never had a reason to do anything but place my latest changes into its repository. Thst is until tonight.

Thanks to a very nice person on twitter  from @testflightapp they were able to point me to the instructions on installing older (not latest) version of my uploads onto my iPad. It was in the end very simple, but I never found the answer myself. I love my peers and those excellent people at testFlight.

Here are my steps tonight:
1. I downloaded older version of my game from testFlight and zoned in on which one went wrong. Even though I really knew which one first failed me, I was hoping for more information. I did get the date and time of the last uploaded and tested working build.

2. I used the date and time to go into my repository to grab a version from before that mark. I then built it expecting it to be the same as the one that last worked. To no avail though, it still would not install.

3. I went back a week and tried again. Once more this new build did not install.

4. I went to an example video test App i used several weeks ago and left it in a working state. However as with my game, it simply will not install.

Something has changed that is not directly placed inside my game that is causing me to fail the install.

Plan of Attack:
I have no idea why making ipa files now fails on install. I will do a beyond compare with everything I can, only not sure what to look for.
Going to post on Marmalade help forums and hope someone else has a clue, though I cannot supply them with a lot of relevant info it seems.

Da Voodoochief

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