Thursday, April 18, 2013

iPad install proble #5 Resolution

In my last update to this bug I was struggling to get the game to install to the iPad. I had tried replacing either the certificate or the provisioning file to no avail. Yet I was certain that my issue lay there.

As it happens I was correct. I did of course take a circuitous route to solving this issue though.

The main problem was the developer certificate. I could make new ones, but in none of them could I setup for ios development, only do a cert for in app purchases and such, which I am not interested in. The developer radio button just stayed inactive. I came back to the apple developer screen many times over the period of a few days as I figured this must be my issue.
It was in fact the issue and the way I eventually got this option to highlight is..
1. I was delving into the apple dev forums, looking for any clue to this problem, when on the second day of searching someone had newly posted the same problem for people doing renewals, such as me.
2. This poster had the same exact issue, ad luckily enough another developer had figured out how to solve the issue. It was simple, though I did not believe it at the time, till I tried
3. Delete (revoke) all old and out of date certificates.
4. Yes, number 3 is correct. Once you have no more out of date certs, you can create a new one that will allow you to set it as a development cert.
5. I was so annoyed, there is no documentation that I could find telling me this. There was no cursor over help to say why this option was low lighted and unavailable. I wasted hours on this. I then posted a thank you to that thread as a few others have done.

With my new found confidence I decided to try and go and take a stride and not a step to get on the iPad.

I tried to use what the apple and marmalade documents describe as a wildcard provisioning file. Then I would not have to create any more game specific ones, as I could this wildcard one for all my tests and developments for many games. This sounded like a brilliant idea and so I pursued this for the next couple of hours. In the end I simply could not get the Deployment tool from Marmalade to create my ipa, it kept telling me that I needed to have a full name. Though in the Marmalade docs it explicitly tells me I am allowed to do this.

So I gave up on the wildcard and simply created a new provisioning file based on my old name.

Whammo.. Just going through the whole process again, now I could create a real cert was enough and the next IPA file deployed without a hitch.

Thanks as usual go to my peers who write stuff and solve stupid problems that should never have existed in the forums.

Massive thanks also to for simply being an amazing product that allowed me to try and install many times in a fluid manner. I also have to mention that through twitter those guys also offered to help me with my deployment issues. Are they fantastic or what!

Da Voodoochief

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