Monday, April 8, 2013

iPad version not installing part #4

Here I am several days into my problems. I wish I could work on this more full time as this problem would be solved so much quicker. However my life is not like that and my day job and family press my Indie dev time (oh and sleep as well, i really need to get rid of that).

The good news is that I believe I have found the problem. After my last posts about the problem being elsewhere not in my actual game or setup of my game. I decided to go looking into what else could be wrong. This led me to the Certificates, Keys and Provisioning files. I found that just coincidentally that my Development Identity Key and Certificate were both generated on the 1st of April in 2012. AHHH! (no April fools joke, unless it was on me this year of course).

When I saw the date on these files I thought to myself that they might have only been valid for a year from creation date. Once I went onto the Apple dev site I could see that was true. YAY I found the problem, I should be 10 minutes or so away from running on my iPad (I thought).

Only it hasn't quite worked out that way, and I have no idea why.

Now I dislike the Apple Certs, Keys and Provisioning stuff, and the main reason I hate it is that It seems hard for my mind to follow. It would get much easier I am sure if I was working with another developer or two and we could discuss all it's idiosyncrasies. I do not have that pleasure at this time. Another way to sort this all out would be if I had to do this kind of thing a bunch of times. So far though I have created these files once.. a year ago. I simply cannot remember all the aspects of creating and associating them properly. So I must go back and relearn what I did the first time. Only I also remember it took me some time to get it working back then.. gah!

Well I made a new Cert and Key and placed them in the appropriate location in Marmalade. Then I rebuilt the IPA file and uploaded it to testFlight. Then I failed once more to get the download to finish on my iPad. Ok, so what was next? I then created a new provisioning file and put that onto my iPad. Then I recreated my IPA once more and uploaded to testFlight. Once again it simply does not finish downloading, with the same cryptic message.

Right now I am sure that I found the issue, only my simple resolution did not fix the problem. The only choice I have now I feel is to start over on the whole setting up of my Certs and Keys etc, as I am positive the problem is still in there.. somewhere.

Da Voodoochief

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