Thursday, April 4, 2013

Installation broken on my iPad

I use this amazingly helpful system called TestFlight, you can check out their web page at It allows me to upload version (builds) of my iPad game and then distribute it to anyone in the world with a an internet connection to their iPads. Amazing and awesome and has worked flawlessly this lat 6 weeks.

Now however the installation tells me that it cannot install at this time (what does that really mean though?), and gives me the options 'Done' or 'Retry'. I have tried both a number of times in the last few days, but I always get the same error. Now I will say that I really do not believe this is anything bad to do with testFlight at all. As this is my first error with testFlight I am not sure how to approach it... Still, once I find anything good out I shall mention it here :)

I am convinced it is my game and something I must have inadvertently changed and broke. Though I have been coding gameplay and menu stuff and nothing that should alter the installation process.

I have about a week to go on this title and now I have run into this last minute brick wall. This is where having team mates really packs a punch and helps ya through or around the wall.

Still, I'll never give up, so tonight I will be doing some major revision testing. see what I can find out, cos at the moment I am clueless.

Note: this means I cannot yet supply my video of Blades02 at this time...

Da Voodoochief

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