Monday, April 29, 2013

Not Space Invaders

A few people have been talking to me about my last blog post. Where I stated that I wasn't going to create a Homage to Space Invaders and what makes me worry so much about it.

I do not think that I can safely create a game that has the look and feel of another game, even if it was only going to be on the first level. By making my game look and feel like another, especially famous games. I run the risk of someone taking me to court for copying their game. Copying in fact the parts that make it individual and stand out. So if I plagiarize that feel and look, I am taking it's most recognizable parts.

So instead I am taking a step away from this and moving forward with another game that I have titled 'Invaders' at least as a working title.

This will also effect another game I have been working on the design. The idea is to take a nice single screen platform game and create something new, but once again the idea was to get people to recognize the type of game my new one is. That was going to be achieved by looking similar to Donkey Kong. Once again I realise I do not want to take the chance on someone suing me. Even if I make it a much more in depth game with massive amounts of variety added.

I must mention why I am interested in creating Homage style games to these arcade classics. Simply put, I am a fan, I was a fan when they came out and I was an avid arcade game player. I got into the arcade game players championship in England and I have a very strong feeling that these game types could be re-introduced to the current games players, and on the current touch screen devices. However just making ones that people don't perceive as a classic will seriously lower my chance to bring this gamestyle to the current crop of players. It is way too easy to get lost in the sheer amount of games released each day.

Good luck in whatever you create and play,
Da Voodoochief

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