Friday, January 20, 2012

Promotional Strategy part1

I have been reading over the last several years about promotional strategies for generating interest  in the game before it is published. So when it is published it will have the biggest splash. However i have never really been good at this part. Once the game is written and put out there i think i do a pretty good job of contacting reiew sites and doing my press releases. It seems so far this is not enough.

So back to visibility.... i need it, my games need it. It is great having a 25% conversion rate, but it does no good when ya only got 2000 downloads. So what to do?

Well, i am gonna finally relent. I am going to do what a number of people have suggested over the last few years. Which is to get as much social networking into the mix as possible. Now i hate Facebook. I really tried very hard a couple of years ago to create a nice Sorcery Games FB page, but failed. It was a very frustrating time and really, all it wanted to do was use my personal page for everything, even after i deleted my personal page, grrr.

  • I already have a twitter account i am active on, though mellow is a good term for my usage.
  • I have a web page that gets updated once ina  while, but is a great way to link the place i am very active.
  • My blog is the place i am most active, telling stories of victory or woe, along with some insights along the way (my insights!).
So what i need now is a Facebook page, not one in fact but several. Or at this time, one for the company and one for the new game 'Bob the Frog'. I am not ure how i will go about creating these pages, but they need to be done.

Meanwhile i am going to try to grow my Blog audience. I hope abd believe that if some of my Blog audience sees how much time, effort and thought into my games, they will be more likely to try the game and maybe recommend it to a friend. I should also try hard to increase my tweeps number, but i am not sure at the moment how to do that. Maybe some free codes will suffice. I am not sure i have any for my WP7 games, and i have yet to publish my first iOS and Android game.

So the strategy is simple, though work.
  1. Create Sorcery Games Facebook page
  2. Create Bob the Frog Facebook page
  3. Grow Blog Audience
  4. Grow Twitter followers
I really hope by doing this i can get more interest and noise about my game before it actually comes out. One of the issues is that i really need to get some concept artwork doen to help me promote the vision of the game. So that will have to start much earlier than i would usualy for my games creation. Usually i wait till the game is nearly done before real graphics go into it. Not this time. I need Bobs character for sure to shine out.

Got any good ideas of other ways to get people interested in my games creation? Let me know if ya do.

Da Voodoochief

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