Friday, January 13, 2012

My IGE is saved

Ahh it was a good night. I had a hard time deciding on which method of scrolling the screen i wished to use, and in the end i decided i would probably end up with both. But here is what happened...

1. I thought about adding a scroll square to the top corner of the screen, and proportionally scroll the screen from input inside the square. Seemed like a clean and easy answer.
2. I also thought about the way i would o this traditionally with a joystick controlled screen (not touch like th enew editor). This i would have done by pushing the screen edges around (usually while having an object selected). This one sounds perfect for me laying down lots of elements.
3. I decided i will probably do both, but one hase to work on them one at a time, so i chose the push version first. this one seemed the fastest to write, simply becasue it was really written already, and with very few mods could just work.
4. I grabbed the touch screen scroll 'if' statements from the switch (editor mode) area and placed it outside so it will always work. Then i altered the area of detection to just 10% of the screen at each edge. Then i made each one proportional , so i could edge it slowly, or move it faster if i so desired.
5. I then tested the combined scrolling with the various placment and edit modes of elements to see what could go wrong. In fact i was very happy to see that everything was rather happy.
6. I liked this scheme so much i decided to test it by editing the same level layout i tried a few days ago that made me annoyed with my editor. I was very pleasantly surprised by how wel it now works. It seems pushing the screen while laying down these elements is about perfect, woot!
7. I realised i do not at this time need the control square, the push works so well i am not sure it needs a backup. so i will hold off on making that till it seems like it would improve things. Less work is always a good thing :)

While i was working on this new level i found my bug and cleaned that out too. so now the editor seems very stable. There is only in fact one slightly annoying thing happening left, and that is a single line fix, woohoo!

So now i am back to editing my new level. Then i will get on with bringing my AI class over from A Shooter. Then the real fun begins :)

Da Voodoochief

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