Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Levels saves are a Go!

Yes, it is true. I finally figured out how to get my binary files into my deployment and load them for my level data. In fact it was another simple thing in Marmalade, only ya have discover just how simple it seems.

So all ya do once ya saved out ya file is to place it into ya MKB project file. That way the file gets included and sent over to the deployed to machine. Simple.. then ya just use the normal s3eFileOpen() and whammo, ya got the file and place it wherever ya want in memory. Like i said simple, but who knew that i could effectively load/read the file from the mkb. Well i do now of course, and so do you!

Next up i think i will design a new level and also allocate my level space etc (currently a hard coded array for each level of maximum elements). Once the code is tidied up and the new level is designed. It could be time for me to bring over my Alien Control class from 'A Shooter'. That will allow me to do real fancy stuff with the level objetcs. For example i will be able to have platforms doing circles or figure 8s or something just as cool. Maybe i'll have the angry red stars chase ya, or some new enemy react in various ways when you are close. So many options at that point.

I even have ideas for Bob the Frog to fight back, but i think i will wait till i do a sequel for those kind of offensive designs.

Da Voodoochief

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