Monday, January 16, 2012

The IGe is ready

It didn't really take me long at all to get the IGE working after i solved the scrolling issue. The new editor version seems clean as i added some feedback (flashing the button pressed etc). I had to solve a couple of typo bugs, but that was the worst of what i have had to deal with.

I also added some niceties to the editor. Some mode changes that i never originally designed in, but after soem repetitive use i noticed i was doing the same patterns of button clicks over and over. For example whenever i chose 'Place' and clicked onto a particlur element to place, i always had to then choose what to do with the element, like move etc. Well as it happens i found i was Always choosing 'Move' as the sub command. Makes sense i know, so now i altered the editor so that once i chose an element type then it auto went into the Move sub mode. This is great becasue now the editor seems to mae more natural sense. As well as saving me time :)

Today i let me daughter design a level to see how the editor was gonna work out with a novice at the controls. In fact it worked great apart from her not knowing if the level had saved. I had neglected to put feedback on that button press. Now i have it, it is nice that it lights up for half a second before going back to it's original color. Great feedback, and i now i know the level has saved.

I really need to add some more features now to the game such as my AI from A Shooter. Then i can so many wonderful things with the elements i can place. I did intend to get that done this weekend, only the painting of the house and my wife playing tennis got in the way, mostly a good thing i suspect hehe.

So next up is conversion time from C# to C++. I am very very excited to get circular moving platforms into the game.

Always try to make a tool, such a level editor as natural and friendly as possible. Though if you overthink it and fill it with features it will be a pain for someone to learn. also think of the intended audience for the editor. If it is just you, then do what you want. If however you intedn for an editor or tool to be used by Joe public, then you must get some playtesting in by friends or family.

da Voodoochief

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