Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lines from IGE to Game

Here is a screenshot of the game.

This is a screenshot i took last night. It is of my development level 9. Which means it is the level where i am experimenting on using moving platforms. Platforms that move a certain distance and then come back, repeat etc.. Also i have platforms that move in circular patterns.

Well i placed a bunch of these platforms and realised that without some visual clue to the range of the movements they were going to do in normal play mode, i was in trouble. I could not gauge where to quite place something and then set it's radius etc for it to allow me to jump over some small gap or other. This was annoying and i realised that i needed some help. So i decided to use Mr Do's wild ride stylings. In that game the balls etc that moved were always along lines. This is great i thought, i can show just where the range of the mvements will take the platforms and then be able to match up some good gap jumping for the player.

In fact this method worked rather well :)  So well in fact that when i played the level after editing it (and no lines now visible!) i was a bit put out, and felt i had lost soemthing good. So now i have made the lines be there whilst playing the game. This works so well, i shall most definitely keep them :)

My debug helper lines went from the In Game Editor to the Game itself.

Try never miss the oppotunity to put in enhancements to ya game, wherever the idea may come from. If it's gonna make the game more friendly, then why not do it ?

Da Voodoochief

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