Saturday, February 13, 2016

Rope Swing Test Part 2 #indiedev

Well here we are again, this time I have a video of the finished Test product. It all works rather well (as good as I had hoped). Though you will see some anomalies in the video, but they all have a good logical reason to be there.

As you can see When I attach to the Rope some times I am rotated to the side. This is in fact because I take the Rope segments rotation and put it on the player. So these segments have a rotation that puts the player on his side. In fact all the segments apart from the very last one (which is the right way up) are rotated in a odd fashion.

We now have the Rope launching out from the player in the direction he is facing and IF there is an Anchor point detected it fires directly towards it,.Pretty nifty eh!

When the player jumps off the rope you can see that he will always correct his rotation in a lovely smooth way and land on his feet, just like a cat!

This completed this test App and I have passed along the whole project to my friend. I will now do support for him until he gets the parts hooked up into his game. I hope it is soon s this app gets me excited about all the Rope Swinging possibilities.

Da Voodoochief

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