Friday, February 5, 2016

Jump on Rope and Swing, Jump off with Momentum

Here is what I have been working on for me mate. So far I have the Dude attaching to the pre-animated Rope and jumping off.

When jumping off it is important to retain some of the Ropes velocity from the position that you are attached to the rope and its swing. This was a bit tricky as the rope being an animation meant I did not have any velocities to simply inherit. So what I did was to record the last 4 frames positions of the attached segment are. I then deduct them from the current position and then average them. This gives me a curve and not too sharp a set o velocities to inherit. As you see in the video it works rather well eh :) (yeah, I am pleased with this one).

Lastly when I was jumping off the Dude was rotated on his back or front and simply landed that way. This meant I had to adjust this, as he should really land on his feet. To achieve this I record the rotation when I get onto the Rope. Then I used this Rotation as the Target, and the current Rotation to Slerp with. As you can see in the video it looks like a great acrobatic jump and landing. It worked out well I reckon.

Next up is throwing the Rope out to find the Anchor.. or not.

Da Voodoochief

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