Monday, September 7, 2015

Time for some Hub re-artworking

I have so many things to fix up. tidy up, or just plain write up in this game. However I realized that although I have created so many levels, areas or screens with fairly complete artwork and look. I have one gaping area that has seen no joy since it was created. The funny thing is that it is the second area I ever created, after the gems falling minigame level. Sad to see in some ways so many screens artwork done and the 'Hub' not being finished yet.
In the above image you will see the way the Hub looked this morning. Then I got my dirty hands on it after a chat with my daughter about what we could do with the area. We came to the conclusion I should try one of the ideas and see if it is good enough to go with. Luckily after a fair bit of work we both agreed that this idea was a good one.

In the image above you can see the NEW HUB, though it has been renamed the 'Nexus'. New artwork AND a new name, fancy eh!

We have gone with what we are terming as 'islands'. These islands show what the area is that you can visit through the teleporting sign posts.It is a good way of hinting where you are going and also a nice way to depict the Nexus in my humble opinion.

Hope ya like the modifications to the Nexus, though not finished I believe they show real promise for as we move towards a final look.

Da Voodoochief

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