Thursday, September 24, 2015

Basic Web page set up for Very Bunny Haha

Yeehaw!  Only took me several weeks to finally get something set up. I know it is not very good of course, but it is the first place holder look, and most importantly it means that I have a web site project set up in the Editor of my choice, which just so happens to be
WebPlus x5 (I have had this particular version for some time and not really used it much lately).

I will have to set up my Daughter with something similar so she can also add to this Web page with comments, Blog posts and artwork.

Very Bunny Haha Web Page

Ugly I know. 

Here is the page in the editor I mentioned. I love this editor. So easy to use, so obvious and so fast. I can get stuff whether it be menus or youtube videos up in seconds.

I know this editor well as I have used it a number of times (ok, a slightly older version) to edit my main web site at now for several years.

Have fun out there, and expect more updates soon so show you some of the goodness that is Very Bunny Haha.

Da Voodoochief

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