Thursday, September 17, 2015

New Unity Effectors, Wow!

Today I gave a talk at the Unity Club meeting about the new in 5.0 Physics Effectors.

I have been playing with a Bit because I switched out my own Jump thru platform code with the New Platform Effector I read about in the updates to Unity 5.0. Now was the time to finally play with it.

Surprisingly the update and the removal of my own Jump-Thru code only took a few minutes, which was very nice. Then I did some research and a bit of playing with the other types of Effectors.

I gave my dissertation in about 20 minutes, talking and being very excited about how many gameplay features could be introduced into a game simply by using the editor and it's Effectors.

Here is the list of Effectors and a VERY bried account of each one.

  • Platform Effector: allows me to do such things as Jump-Thru platforms and angled edges and sticky edges etc.
  • Point Effector: This one is pretty cool and allows gravitational effects to go to a point, or away from said point. Pairing several of these together could do some Amazing experiences.
  • Area Effector: This can do easy Wind style effects in an area. Myself I have an idea for a Kite flying game. Pretty neato.
  • Surface Effector: This can do things like conveyor belts, which can be notoriously finicky to put into a game normally.
Ok, so I have not shown you how to use them, and the reason for that is because the info is already out there in both video form and tutorial form. just go search for what you want, knowing what you want is the harder thing though, as the possibilities are endless in my humble opinion.

Da Voodoochief

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