Friday, September 25, 2015

Keeping moving forwards

This is the way to get stuff done. And once it is all done.... Well you usually find more to add, haha!

Still I made a list and today got 5 items knocked off that list.

  • I placed Chucky into the forest, near his hut
  • I redid the top of the Well, not quite complete, but much closer now
  • I removed the scaling Log from the wooden log chopping effect
  • Tested and fixed the Sledgehammer breaking the rocks, and removed the scaling rock from the effect
  • Redid the old signs, making them look shiny and new (like all my new signs)
It was fun and moves the forest forwards.

Here is Chucky :)
The house will be replaced by some unique artwork once it is prepared.

I really dislike the web page I set up last night, but gah! Yeah, it is set up, but man it sucks. I will try to do something with it this weekend, though I am not certain quite what at this time.

Tomorrow I have Webelos woods to help out initially, then some work on my house. After that I hope to get a few more items off my list, and perhaps do something with the web page.

Da Voodoochief

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