Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Marmalade License, Paid for


Is that your question? Why have I paid 499 dollars for the pleasure of using a cross platform development system? Or maybe it is Why have I paid for this Particular cross platform development system.

To answer the first question you never asked. I will say that I really need to update my Games and Apps, and so I needed to renew my Indie License.

Maybe the Why is asking about why the 499 license and not the 149 dollar license (License info). That is a fairly easy thing for me personally to answer. The main differences between these licenses is that the Indie will let me publish to all the machines and devices covered, yet the standard covers less. (Supported Platforms)

Why buy a development SDK anyway. Why not simply use Java and Objective C or maybe HTML5 or some of the other options and SDKs. Simply put, I feel this is the most powerful and easy to use cross platform SDK currently available. Yes I tried some of the others, and yes they are ALL pretty darned good.

This you might find great news. As I did not really HAVE to buy my own license. I could have gotten into this most excellent new program that will GIVE you a License and Blackberry Playbook, though you will have to apply etc, check out this Link BlackBerry.

Laters All,
Da Voodoochief

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