Thursday, October 4, 2012

Updating Game Screenshots

Yeah, It is true. This is what ya have to do when ya change the look of ya game. Though in all honesty the new look is so much more professional looking than the old one. Now i have the job of updating all the screenshots wherever they may be..

Lets revue:
On my web site.
On the ABC Books web site at .
On the Google Play 5GC page.
On the Amazon 5GC page (not yet approved).
On the Apple AppStore 5GC page.

I will add that I also need a few extra screenshots now for the Appstore as their new iPhone is a different aspect ratio.

All in all I find this kind of thing a bit tedious. But it has to be done. So far I have completed the Google Play pictures. Next up is Amazon.

Meanwhile I am updating the second Book App code to match this new look from 5 Golden Coins. Maybe I'll get away with only one set of screenies for this game :)

Da Voodoochief

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