Friday, October 12, 2012

Artists should do art, not programmers!

Ahh, what a waste of time. My time, my Precious time!

What happened I hear you ask.. Well let me tell ya a story (short one, honest ;)

A Few nights ago I am working on 'A Day at the Zoo', and it is going well. we are nearly finished with the App and I get all excited. I have already made a list of all the final changes required to finish the app, and well the list is not very long. So while my artist Nathan is busy working over the last few pages and any mods I need to the existing images. I decided to help out where I can.

Now for me I have some audio work to redo, but cannot get to that till Sunday (for various reasons of the voice actor being away!). So what am I to do.. Wait? lol, that is not likely. Not when i am this close!

So one of the items on the list is the title buttons. I have my generic grey ones on there, and they look so drab and dreary. As I had previously had some success in making buttons for the 5 Golden Coins app, I decided I could do it again... Woe is me, what a fool I was.

I decided as this app is about a Zoo I would take animal skin textures such as a snake skin, or leopard skin or even a bald eagles feathers and meld them onto a button. Well the final result is that I have 3 buttons on the title page and each one with a different texture.. It looks freakin horrid! What a mess.

Still, the only way to go from here is upwards, lol.

The moral is, don't waste my time when I have a talented artist who can do a great job, and go do something more useful instead.

Da Voodoochief

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