Monday, September 17, 2012

Staying true to your Vision

I was trying to get Five Golden Coins into the Marmalade Apps Program and I have had several nice discussions about my app and what they would like to see etc. I have also made several enhancements and changes to the App already to try and help me get it accepted.

Well since the last correspondence with them was them asking for several more changes, and ones that would change the nature of my app completely, well. It is time to call it, and move along. I really wanted the power of marketing that their program would bring to me, but alas I am not going to change my vision in the ways they would need.

Not that they were being unreasonable, no not at all. But changing my reading and story choice book/app into a children's entertainment app, including minigames etc is just not what I foresee. Even if it would be fun to write those minigames etc.

So maybe I will get chance to try again on my next App, time will tell.

Da Voodoochief

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