Saturday, October 29, 2011

End of line...

It seems my Time with Mass MEdia has finally come to an end. After a very productive and wonderful time (though there were some hard times of course). It finaly looks like the company has to clsoe it's doors.

16 years, or it would have been this september that i started with the company. It is also when i was brought into this wonderful country called the United States.

I have done many things in my professional carreer and i hope to continue that trend of being creative, but also a big problem solver. At some point soon i can tell everyone what i have spent so many hours of my life on this year. Though until it is officially announced that is still not possible.

I am not sure what i will do next for a Job. For now i need some recovery time for all the work i have done so far this year. I expect i will recover pretty soon and make some sort of decision. Will i go to work for a big company? Are theer any startups that need me and my talents? Could i actually make a business out of the phone and Xbox games? So many questions and so few answers.

Take care, and i hope your jobs are stable,

Da Voodoochief


  1. Best of luck finding a new job!

  2. End of an era.
    I hope we can work together again, buddy.

  3. Thanks Guys,

    I appreciate ya thoughts. And Scott, i would love to work again with ya one day. Maybe it will be sooner than later.. time will tell.

    Da Voodoochief

  4. Good luck in your next venture. I'm in the midst of deciding what platform to bet on. Windows 8 tablets are probably a year out, but they're the most intriguing target for me at this point.

    To make a business of going Indie currently, it seems like one of the better bets is to focus on casual games with XNA & Mono so as to hit WP7 (ad-supported), iOS (ads & paid), and Droid (ads only and it may not be worth your while even at that) with a single code base, and maybe toss in an app or two if a good idea hits you.

    Quantity is the key so aim at targets that are not likely to provide a lot of headaches for you (if you're good at AI, focus on AI-intensive games, if not, avoid such genres, etc.). Not that it should just be shoveled, but focus on what you can do well and laser in on doing quality variations of that.

    If you can find another job in the industry though, that's probably a good idea. Some people make it as an indies, but it's a very risky proposition. Whatever you do, best of luck and feel free to send me an email or ping me on Twitter any time.