Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Design is so exciting

Here i am at work. Working on getting the latest creation at Mass Media finished and doing a lot of hours to complete this task. And yet as the end of this cycle comes to an end i am already salivating at the thought of creating my own new game. I do not believe that creating games will ever get old for me. 33 years now and still going strong.

So whats next? Another 2d game or something 3d? Man i could choose an rpg i have or several arcade style games. Or or or.. oh man... My mind is buzzing with ideas and thought processes about what would be best for which platform.

I still believe that my next thing will in reality be Cards on Fire converted using Marmalade to the iOS and Android platforms. It might not make any money, but will be a great way to see how Marmalade might work out, from start to finish.

Once i get that all going, i'll be blogging.

Just so excited.

Da Voodoochief

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