Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pesky Crashes

Why is it that at the last possible minute ya can garauntee that crashes will jump into your so neatly finished game? It happens so often, yet i never get used to it.

Is it because while in that finish the game mode it is all too easy to add some code that was rushed or not thought through enough, or maybe just wasn't tested enough by the programmer?

Still here we are with a few days to go and we have two doozies. Yup two of them. So after working on them all day we have the answer to one and a possible trace of the other. So tonights version of the game being sent to Sony is gonna have to be a little imperfect, but close.

Get a Repro, a reproduction of the bug that can be performed by anyone is best (not justa  trained and professional tester). Also one that can be duped in seconds, or maybe minutes. without repro's it is so freakin hard to find these issues.

Catch ya all on the flip side, i have a new build to test.

Da Voodoochief

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