Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beta Testing so close to the End

Whenever I enter Beta i get so excited. Even though i am usually pretty tired by all the hours and work thart has gone on through Alpha, Beta just gets me pumped right up again.

I know that in a months time this game will be done. Though it will be ahrd it will also be exciting. Ya see i love to mark things off of lists. I make lists of Lists just so i can check mark or cross out entries. As that list gets smaller i get more excited. So to have several hundred bugs and then start smacking them down is very fulfilling to me.

Also there is the anticipation of time off. Though in my current case time off will be after i get the Downloadable versions of the games done. So no rest for me for a while. Also of course i might fail first submission, which will mean more development time for those fixes too.

Either way i look at it though. Beta is exciting and a means/path to the end.

Da Voodoochief

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