Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oooh the Possibilities

What shall i do next?

Where shall i go now?

Two simple questions, but a myriad of answers come from my brain. Althuogh i am now out of  ajob, i am extremely excited about what the future could hold for me. From either another professional position to all the stuff i can do myself for myself with Sorcery Games. I can also fix some long standing issues with my house :)

I have a number of Game ideas. Some small and some big. Some complex and some simple. I could do one of these, or maybe several of them. I have a large scale game idea (think size of XBLA etc), and i have a way of doing the demo in 2D to show off it's unique arcade gameplay. But the scalablility i have for this project (working title is Pogo Pete) is really exciting. I have so many things i could add into what could be a very functional prototype in 3D, through the addition of power ups. Or maybe minigames, or simply more elaborate gameplay elements.
 If i do a small game though i can make it more polished and maybe get a bit more tech into it, like micro transactions etc. I could also maybe get a couple of small games done in the time it would take me to create a larger one.
 so many ideas, where or how do i stop!!

My childrens book series that brings parents and children togetehr through reading and also gets children excited about reading books is back on the cards. I have been busy with my web site for the books (WWW.B4IR.COM). I have been working on the products->5 golden coins page mostly. It is now shaping up to what i want, though still not quite getting there. This kind of thing is not my area of expertise, but i will continue with it till i get it right enough. Then hopefully around the end of the year i can publish the books. At the moment i need an illustrator or two that will work for cheap enough for me to get a few more of my books illustrated(yes i have 6 written already!).
 One exciting idea is to also create the books as Apps. This will give me a couple of fronts to afttack the world and try to not be so invisible with my products in future. this options also gets me excited because i will be creating something that i believe will make the world a better place. Helping kids find interest in reading , meanwhile helping the parents connect with their kids through reading.

Get a Job already
After these last 10 months of very heavy work conditions (so many hours, so many days). I need a break. I need to recharge my batteries. So i expect i will take the rest of the year off. There are a LOT of exciting companies around LA that i would love to work with/for. For many differing reasons for each one. The only thing i don't like much is commuting, or i should say commuting during busy times. My job tends to make it so i have to be around when the other programmers are around. As most programmers tend towards getting into work at about 10am, that tends to put my hours later in the day to match them. This i really hate as it means i get hiome when my kids are headed to bed. Downer. Still i hope for this not to happen in my next job. Mauybe i will go back to being a programmer only, and not lead a team? Hard to say what could happen there, but again.. a very exciting set of possibilities.

I am an optimistic person and i really feel instead of 'Argh! what am i gonna do, how depressing is this!'.. I am more more 'Woah! the world is allowing me to make my own way.. so many choices, so many options.. I LOVE IT!'

Da Voodoochief

ps. i will continue to blog about whatever i start work on. which should be in the next week or so, (i am still finishing the project for my ex-work?

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