Monday, November 14, 2011

Marmalade time #1

So here i am jobless. Not even looking for another one. I have a little work to do, to rebuild the games fro Sony submission till it finally goes through FQA. I have been working heavily on my B4IR website for the childrens book series, and i am happy with the way it is coming along. Meanwhile i need to create more stuff.

It is time for me to finally get to play with the Maramalade SDK. I read a lot about it and it looks very exciting, so here is what happened...

Install Visual Studio C++ before installing the Maramalde SDK

Joined the site (3 minutes)
Clicked the download box at the top of the screen and Filled out a purchase form (4 minutes)
I also CTRL-C the Order Id for later use
I grabbed the Trial 165MB version (5 minutes)
Recieve an email with the order Id in it
I ran the installer and accepted the agreement (of course!)
Moved the installer default directory OFF my C drive (hate stuff on root of C)
Hmm, select Max or Maya exporter.. well i have neither, pity
(4 minutes install)
Marmalade Config Utility appears and i put in my email addy + PW and chose license type (eval)
GOT an ERROR.. argh! Could not detect a Visual Studio version
  Checked the readme.txt file for what versions i could use, any C/C++ it seems
  Went to Microsoft site and downloaded the Express version (i only have C# and C# for wp7)
  172MB download for the Visual Studio Express C++, nice (4 minutes)
  So i played Wow for a bit while waiting for the slow installer to finish (10 minutes)
After a Reboot i reran the Marmalade Config Utility and it found Visual Studio and all was well
Then i opeend the Documentation for Marmalade and started reading for a while

Next installment in this blog
I Run the Samples... or Do they?

Well that was my first night, more laters
Da Voodoochief

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