Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What Next ?

Is anything next? at least for my lovely Xblig?

At the moment i think not. With only 2000 downloads it seems very few are interested in what i do. I will however do a post mortem as soon as i can. detailing decisions i made for the game that have ultimately stunted its spread.



  1. Bah! A shame good games doesnt get the attention they deserved. I dont want to say it officially, but sometimes Im thinking its a shame too to be part of such a community.

    You have seen at least two people that had lots of fun with your latest game - and at least two of them that still have fun with your latest game. And it seems to me because of this you can have a good memory on your game also one day.

    As a closing comment: Because I really like AShooter I bought Aceballs and Dreamland also (as well as my brother). Pellmell is fine without doubt, but not really my favorite kind of game. Perhaps Ill have a look again on it at a later time - who knows :-)

  2. Hey Lohengriehn,
    Good to see you in top spot on the leaderbaord. I know a number of people have had a lot of fun with it, including myself playing with my boy or family. But in the end i make games to be played, and i just cannot seem to reach the Xbox community. I think i might go elsewhere. PSN or steam seem the most likely places at the moment. But i love my xbox and the people i know from it.

    There is gonna be an update to Pellmell soon (once i have finished it). so i would wait till that update is out :)

    Da Voodoochief