Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Shooter Update and Competition

Is now in Peer Reveiw. Not bad being about a day late for me. Still i have not made that many changes, and the ones i have made are small ones. Though my testing cycle is very lengthy.

It should be stable and ready to go, i hope it goes through quickly and then players can appreciate how the powerup asteroid was supposed to function. I just wish i had noticed it, instead of accepting it. Hindsight eh!

So any Peers, i would love it if you can check out my Game and push it through asap.

At least this should free up my weekend a bit to actually playtest some games myself. I did get a few done this week, so that's a good thing. Still never gonna be able to do as many as i would like.


So I wonder who will Win this weeks Competiton. Event number #2 is now brewing and less than 48 hours left. Woohoo! I am quite excited, and currently Lohengrehn is sitting in 4th place on the leaderboard, behind My co-devfeloper and Myself, and of course last weeks winner. Will someone pass him up for the T-Shirt?



  1. Yeah, come on people. Im just a sitting duck (but was able to put a few points again onto my last submitted highscore because of your video, VoodooChief. Helped - a bit ;D) My brother just bought the game too....Perhaps, well, Im SURE he will kick me down the leaderboard now! (GT: Bohdel****** for some reasons with just stars ;D Kick him also please, lol)

  2. Glad the video helped, but it looks like your Bro is on a mission to take ya down and claim your T-shirt. (a sharp elbow should do the trick ;)

    I am amazed my Artist buddy has so far kicked my butt. I hoe to get himlater today.

    Da Voodoochief