Sunday, August 30, 2015

Information bars, a second one for Quests

I created an information bar that scales up and after a few seconds scales down once more in the bottom middle of the game screen. I use this to give information out to the player about specific things that are a bit hidden. For example if you receive an item into your inventory, it will tell you. It tells you other useful things as well, and as I have been expanding it's info, I realized it was getting a bit much.

Especially when I completed a quest and received an item from the and yet I could only show a single message. Yeah, I could combine them, and I have done that, but I really wanted the game to be informative in a subliminal way. Here is an image of the infobar.

So my answer to the plethora of info being displayed was to give some separation to certain types of elements. Namely I created a second info bar, this one for the Quests. so anything to do with gaining or completing or dropping a quest is displayed within this new info bar, which happens to match color wise and location with the Quest log Icon in the top right of the game screen. Check it out here
You can see what I just collected. This is the first incarnation of this new feature, but I like it a lot and now I can display multiple things at once when they happen that way, which is actually quite common in this game.

Even if a player does not get to read the whole line of text, they know that the info bar popped up and can go look at it at some point when they want to see what changed.

Ok, time to go add more messages to the info bars :)

Da Voodoochief

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