Thursday, August 27, 2015

Very Bunny Haha Coming Together

It's true, the game is actually starting to feel more like a sum of its parts than it is a bunch of parts hanging barely connected to one another. I fya don't understand that, then I won't explain, as you probably don't care anyway.

The main thing is that I am now working on the Story overlays, and setting up the game for the first time player. My Mum flys out to us in just over a week and I am very excited for me and my Daughter to show off the game to her (it is cute after all).

Oh yeah, back to the game. Last night I put in the welcome screen!! Yup, finally. I also removed all the money and items from your starting inventory. So now you can see I am serious about the playing part of the game. Next up is to add more gameplay elements, such as more quests, and start to get the cost of items in the game about right, or at least heading in the correct direction. More quests is where it is at for now, so gotta get busy :)

Da Voodoochief

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