Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Selling your App/Game, is it possible?

It seems that I always thought about selling my game to the players. You know, individuals who will most likely play the game. However there is another form of selling a game or App.

I was contacted via email a few days ago by a website that sells apps and games, the rights, the IP the assets the code, the whole shebang. I presume this is where someone comes in who has some weight and desire to further develop the game/App they want to buy. I can believe that some companies would see potential in various games and apps and want to buy up all of its rights so they can move forward with a redevelopment or maybe even just adding a marketing budget and plan to really move the title forwards.

I find the whole thing a bit surreal and am not sure how well I think this kind of thing can work. I see they have sold quite a number of apps and games, but in reality I think I would like to know why those were bought and what happened to them afterwards. Ok, so maybe it is my curiosity more than anything. But oddly, it would be easier to part with my baby if I thought they wanted to simply promote it, then again, if they simply bought it for my outstanding design.. maybe that would be great as well. In fact maybe there is no down side to this.

I will continue to think on this. I do have some older games that I could unload, but am not sure I want to at this stage. The other thing is the data on the site, saying that some of these games are making 1500 bucks a month from advertising revenue, What a crock. I wish I was making a tenth of that each month for 10K downloads, but I am not that's for sure. So some of their numbers are interesting for sure.

Still I will have another look over this site with a friend of mine, see what he thinks.

What do you think?


Da Voodoochief


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  2. Yo Steve, thanks for commenting. I was not aware of that App promotional site (gnome escape). I will give it a good look over tonight when I get home.

    Da Voodoochief