Monday, September 2, 2013

My In Game Shop

This  my in game shop, programmer style of course, as I am the one who created and laid it all out. I thought it was about time I posted a picture (yeah, been a while). As I am now working on the In App Purchasing I thought it would be good to show where I am.

Yesterday I spent some time reorganizing my shop screen in the game. Also I prepared the code for when I ask the IAP servers for some item information (yes, the item description and cost etc all come from the setup on iTunes Connect). Now it is ready.. oh wait that picture I mentioned...

As you can see it is titled (as are all my menu screens). It also has a new improved listing barrel of the items you can buy (now shows 7 and not just 5). The real new stuff though is at the bottom, and all those Quick Buttons. By pressing them it will immediately adjust the selector barrel to highlight the first of the kind named on the button. I feel this is essential as I have a LOT of items for sale. Oh, and yes there are many ways to show a shop, and use drill down pages etc, but I really wanted to use a barrel design. Next up will be to have an icon or image associated with each purchasable item (or package as I call them), then place that on the screen as well.

You will notice the new 'Special Premium Powerups' button. Of course if this was not my graphics, then I would expect this button to really stand out, I can also make it a lot larger of course, which could be nice to have people to go check out the premium IAP items I have for sale in this game. After All, I believe these things should be obvious and easy to find.

If a player clicks that button, the selector barrel sets itself on the premium items for sale.  I will disable this button if a player is not connected to the internet, after all, I would not have been able to retrieve the items for sale list anyway.

Now to actually start on the code to find the items for sale and their cost and descriptions, with that information I will fill out my arrays and allow myself to purchase them.. Hopefully by the end of this week it will all be done.

Da Voodoochief

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