Thursday, January 17, 2013

Where are the Game Dev Blogs at?

I follow a number of developers Blogs. When I find a new one I also tend to follow those as well. However I am not really finding many. Maybe I should bring them to me? By that I mean ask on Twitter and Facebook for people who are writing game development blogs to let me know about them.

Sometimes I come across a new Blog and get all excited when I read my first post and it is about Actual Game development, and not just some coding references or tips and tricks. Not saying their isn't a place for them, it is just not what I am interested in. I want the Guts the Glory the decisions on big features and how they are chosen, I want to read about the little decisions that I know go into every game. I want to read about problems along the way as well as successful ideas and implementations.

I just don't seem to find these blogs.. Or maybe they don't exist because no one is really interested in them? Maybe people simply want to play games and not be bothered (for the majority) with how or who created it.

Oh dear, I went off track there. So back to the point, I read my first post ona  blog I find and get all excited as it talks about actual game development and then I see the date.. usually several weeks or even months old. And no new update since then.

I do come across these kinds of efforts, where the developer started their blog with all good intentions, but then as they did not attract the readers and the game development process swallowed all their time, they simply dried up on posting. Some have had such great potential, some not so much.

I hope I can find another one soon that the devs actually post into at least weekly, that would be most exciting for me.

Da Voodoochief

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