Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lots of Minigames

I have been very lucky to get to write lots of games in my career. One of the highlights has been the creation of a large number of what the industry terms as minigames. Today one of my old workmates linked this excellent Youtube video that contains a whole bunch of the minigames that MassMedia has created, and I personally created a whole lot of them hehe. Great memories and something that all games creators feel when  looking back at their work, or I sure hope they do.

I know some of the quality is not so good, which is a pity.

I will also say that I am especially proud of the Nicktoons Movin, as those games used the Eyetoy and now I see all those techniques we created on the fly being used in Kinnect gameplay. And ours was so many years before Kinnect was even dreamed of. And before anyone tells me I did not create those Techniques I have to say we at Mass Media created all our own techniques and gameplay methods to allow the gameplay to work. So much inovative fun.

Maybe I should add all those minigames individually to my resume, lol.

Da Voodoochief

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