Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Animation and Game Feel Timing

I had an interesting discussion yesterday with my Art director for the Hoops fighter game. I was telling him how my current animations are so slow and dance like, not really suitable for a reaction game of any sort. He suggested that I simply cut out frames that I don't want until I get what I want timing and feel wise. Then he will get the animations reanimated to smooth out the fact I removed various frames.

I have to say that this is a very interesting way to accomplish this task. I am also hopeful that it will work out ok. So last night I ended up removing 7 frames from the punch, leaving 7 frames. The timing is now quick and reactive and I think should work. I may add a frame back in on the after-reaction side of things, just not sure. Also not sure if I should have a different follow through if I hit something with the thrown punch.. ahh details.

Now onto the Kick :)

Da Voodoochief

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