Monday, August 27, 2012

Programming Mobility

For quite a number of years now I have wanted to be completely mobile with my programming. I want to do this for many reasons, but the one that most excited me is the chance to go on vacation in the summer months when my kids are off school, and yet be able to work. Therefore extending my summer vacation time (sort of), and allowing us to travel through more of this wonderful country. Only I have not really managed to get there yet. Although I always feel I am close.

Well the truth is now obvious to me, and that is that I am not prepared at all. And heres why...

I have my computer at home in the spare bedroom, the one that is reserved for visiting friends and family. When not in use by those people it doubles as my computer room and creative den. Well several months back my Mom came to stay with us for a month and it was great. During that time I move my desktop computer into a makeshift area in my living room. And as you may guess it is stil there 3 months after she has gone back to blighty. Well my excuse was that another member of my family was gonna come out in september. Only that has been delayed a month or two now. So why not just move back into the spare room?

Well it feels like too much trouble, adn IF this is too much trouble, how the heck do I call myself portable? GAH! It galls me to realise that I am really so far away from my portable manouverable dream.

Now I need to work on that. I am sure there will be more to this story (soon i hope).

Da VoodooChief


  1. I went to a laptop for my development machine years ago and never regretted it.

  2. I tried that a fews years ago. I just cannot get used to the laptop keyboards. But my new though is to simply plug one in :| Simple but could be effective. I don't think I can make me chunky fingers any smaller, or learn to type more precisely now.

    I know so many people that their Laptops are their main machine. I do agree that probably I need to start with that to go mobile.

    Da Voodochief