Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Midway3 Minigames in Home Popularity List

In Playstation Home people are still busy earning their rewards and Avatar items by playing the Midway games. I received a list of the popularity of these games and so figured I would post them for those interested players :)

Now some of this order may surprise you (it does me). So after the list I will post a few thoughts on why the order is like it is.
  1. Beans, Beans
  2. Penny Pincher
  3. Dead Ringer
  4. Pull My Finger
  5. Big Foot
  6. Puck It
  7. Miz Fortune
  8. Scattershot
  9. Light Me Up
  10. Whack Off
 So whats surprises you? For me there are several, not least the most played game being 'Beans beans beans'. Also I would add that the least favourite game is 'Whack off', which I thougth was pretty fun, but is bottom. I was expecting something like Penny pincher to be top, as it has that Special Exclusive prize that people play for, and it was indeed close.
I think Beans beans beans is top as it is just so fast a game to play. I think the fastest out of all the game in the Midways to be honest. Therefore I think people can throw away a game very quickly and so just simply have another. Also with it being so fast, freeplay frenzys on that game will allow a larger number of players to participate than a slower game like 'Whack off'.
Any thoughts on why the games are popular in this order?
Da Voodoochief

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