Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Midway1 & 2 Popularity listing in Home

Several people have asked how the older games from Midway 1 and Midway 2 work out for popularity. So I asked and received the list below.

No real surprises as in Midway2 'Swingers' is number 1, I am told by a large margin. this is no surprise because it has that special exclusive perfection prize. Well worth playing for.

In Midway 1 it is no surprise to me to see 'Ball Sqeezer' at the bottom of the list, as people tend to find this one very difficult (though I personally think Bell Ringer is harder).

  1. Darlas Darts
  2. High Roller
  3. Bell Ringer
  4. Spilt Milk
  5. Fickle Flapper
  6. Miz Fortune
  7. Frog Flinger
  8. Trigger Happy
  9. Rebound
  10. Ball Squeezer
  1. Swingers
  2. Glue Factory
  3. Teed Off
  4. Wet & Wild
  5. Kitty Cannon
  6. Blue Balls
  7. Miz Fortune
  8. Bite Me
  9. Half Cocked
  10. Pop Weasel
Hope you al find this information interesting. Though once again I cannot understand some of the games positions.

Da Voodoochief

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