Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Improved Buttons for 5GC

I have been working on improving the overall look of the '5 Golden Coins' Book App. One of the improvements on my list was to improve the way the buttons looked. I had some good tuition from one of my workmates (an artist obviously), and on sunday i mae what i envisaged, Woohoo!

Before and After images.

Do ya like my new butons, they match the coloration of the logo now. They are also less boring and staid than the original grey ones i had intially implemented.

Also in the second picture you can just about see the rainbow waterfall effect over the logo and raindbow in the title image.

Finally you can see from this image the new backdrop i am using, and it is a picture of a slightly aged page. This adds more to the fading than anything else though. still a nice subtle improvement.

Once i get this new version setup properly on an ipad (or 4:3 aspect ratio) I will be ready to resubmit.

Da Voodoochief

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