Thursday, December 29, 2011

Once is all ya get!

Once, just once. That is all one gets for something to be New.

So take for example trying to introduce my new game to my family (usually home brewers first audience). They are all excited to try the game, and i am very interested in watching them play to see how difficult the game is for a newbie. I also watch a lot more signs like frustration and assumptions etc. Generally (possibly always) i learn so much about my game and things to modify or clarify etc. It is a good time as the family is very complimentary and seem to really enjoy the experience.

However, this whole experience is fleeting. Fleeting becasue it can only happen once per family member. New is only NEW once. Which is a bit sad really. The second time or even after that i find that the experience of trying the game out again on these people is not as informative. They play like they have played before (sic) and generally are not quite as excited. So seconds is nowhere near as tastey as first time. I tend to learn so much less, except that the first levels are really easy now, as i am usually told, therefore not very interesting now.

I now have developed a plan, a method of getting the most out of my family for these first trials. I would recommend it to anyone in a similar position, and it is good in it's simplicity.


Try the game on one family member at a time. So i get feedback from someone like my son. All te while keeping the other interested members of my family well away from the trial. Then after some modifications based upon my first trial, i will probably approach my daughter. After some more mods i will se the wifey. She is the ultimate test for basic playability and responsivemness and feedback etc. the more i try to have accomplished in this one trial really shows.

So i get 3 initial trials and not one, like i used to when i used to show my game for the first time to the whole family.

Have fun,
Da Voodoochief


  1. You can always invite your kids friends to your house and let them test the product, that way they'll be excited as they are "trying the new game for their system" and will get a ton of different responses :P

  2. Yep, that is a good idea. I have also found that i am taking the kindle with me, just in case i can trap someone in a corner and get them to try my game. I am Eeevvvilll! hahaha

    So far the testing has gone much better than expected. I think i need to do more.

    Da Voodoochief