Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Game dev - Eternal Recoil update

I am loving the development of a new game. Using C++ again for making games seems to make it quite enjoyable. Also using the tech and SDK aspects i am now familiar with means i am writing a game and not fighting with Tech so much.

So the old working title was 'Eternal Recoil featuring Bouncing Bob'.
The rename is 'Eternal Recoil featuring Bob the Frog'.

This has come about due to my crappy artwork and my kids comments. After seeing the platforms that the player bounces on, they commented they looked an awful lot like lily pads. then they said i should change my yellow ball (Bob) into a cute frog. So they found me one online to use till i get real artwork. I do think the game is much better with a googly eyed frog though, haha

Check out this mid game screenshot...
 What ya seeing in that screenshot is Bob the Frog falling down to the ground below. The lily pads (sic) are moving around the screen in the horizontal direction, and you can tell their speed by the  green smoke effect they drop and leave behind. The hearts we should all ignore as an old item for me to know the code is working. The clouds and buildings etc are the main background and are there to show motion and give a sense of being somewhere. The background color changes based on how far through (up) the level you travel. Eventually going black and stars appearing in the sky, and finally the moon.

So far Bob bounces quite nicely and can bounce off the platforms, enabling him to get higher and higher. This game is about cute, and i am hoping to make it cute enough that people will at least try it, just to see how sickly sweet it really is. It is loking more like i will make this version a puzzle game, and not a full arcade game type experience, though that may come soon after, as that is usually my fave to do. Though i also like puzzlers :)  The aim wil be to help bob get to the Moon, a place he has dreamed about jumping too all his short life.

More info as it arrives.

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