Tuesday, December 27, 2011

5 levels in and so much more

Development continues at a good pace here in my spare bedroom at home during this Holiday break. I am not quite sure what i am hoping to have completed by the time i go back to work in the new year, but i think it will be something fairly substantial.

Obviously i keep making levels, this is sort of to prove to myself that the concept and control scheme are worth pursuing. In fact i really believe they are, and i am astounded by some very recent play tests by friends and kids. They all sem to be able to play the game very quickly, which is a definite plus. After all games like Angry birds and fruit ninja do not really take skill initially to get people hooked on the echanism. Though my game has more of an initial learning curve (something i am afriad of), it seems to be much smaller than anticipated (Phew!).

So now i made a new level (this morning), i just couldn't help myself. I need to stop. Though putting ina  levels with lots of floating and moving platforms was a blast. I also got my collectibles in the game and then made it so the game remembered which ones you had collected on each level etc. Just like collecting stars in Mario. Collecting the stars will open up new levels, so if ya got stuck on one here and there, ya can just bypass it by doing well enough on other levels to colelct the gems.

Then this afternoon and a bit this evening i realised i needed to get my feedback in for someone pressing on the screen etc. This is a good thing to do an should make the learning curve even faster for new peeps. Now i have to admit something at this time....

 I think i have ben putting in ALL these most excellent features becasue i really don't wanna program the editor. I know you are probably laughing by now cvos i have created 5 levels by hand, but, well. Making the editor is a bit boring in comparison to writing deadly enemies or springy platforms. Maybe tomorrow eh ;)

Though at the moment i have started writing the Instructions class. More on that when I have done more i think.

Unity is tough to get into when i have a game to write. So not made much progress there, though my evaluation is about complete. Though the prognosis is not good for my purposes :(

The books, ahh, i really need to get more done on those, so that will be a focus tomorrow for me i reckon.

Now off to bed, i am tired.

Da Voodoochief


  1. I have a lot of ideas for simple games I'd like to do but lack the knowledge to do so, and given that I'm half way through with my final project for university I'm always postponing getting involved with them.
    Reading your latest posts made me want to get up to date with my gaming skills and now I'm booting my laptop so I can get started.
    Don't know how I'm gonna manage my time now... xD

  2. Yo TimelessReality,
    I am not quite sure where your knowledge is lacking, but I take it you are working towrds increasing that knowledge and filling in the blanks etc. Though if you are nearly done with university, hopefully soon you might have enough time to indulge in games creation :)
    As for managing your time, I think you are doomed like me, haha.

    But good luck in both your studies and your gaming :)

    Glad i am inspiring someone in some positive fashion.

    Da Voodoochief

  3. Thanks man, I only started in the game development a couple months ago so I'm lacking skills in every field :P
    But I'm working on it.
    Things will (hopefully) change in a couple months :)