Friday, December 16, 2011

My new Game has been done Already?

During the last few days a couple of people have shown me 2 games Doodle jump and Funny Bounce. It seems that both these games are indeed the same (on first perusal), but I was shown them because i described my new game to these people.

Interestingly the games they showed me are similar in foundation to my own. Though the gameplay will be a bit different since i made the decision to go puzzler and not just travel down (up?) a level in more arcade style. To be honest they are more similar than i would want them to be, and i am sure my game could be mistaken for them. Only.. I know what kind of quality and all the parts and elements i will be putting into my game. Both these two are very simple to lok at and have simple elements to play with/against. Mine will have a lot more going on.

Let's take the background as my first example. Both these two games just progress up the screen in the screens width. Whereas my game has a wrap around mechanic for endless side scrolling. As i used in a previous game 20 or so years ago (Car-Vup). Ok, so ya don't play the background, but ya do play the foreground elements, such as platforms and bouncers and turbines etc. These also obey the wrap mechanic and make prgogressing up a level an interesting experience I hope.

One question that came up from several people was (and i paraphrase here) "Have you cheked out the other games on the phonetype?". Well the simple answer is no. If i wanted to check out all the games on Android and iPhone i would have no time left for actually writing games. So instead i come up with a mechanic for playing my game that i think is interesting and go from there. Hoping that i will be new and creative and people will like me, really like me. As it is with my new game. Those two games mentioned above even use one of the extra game modes i was gonna do, tilting the screen slightly left and right to scroll my screen. In their games of course they move the character, and i have to say that the technique works rather well. But just trying to go up a screen and not falling has limited appeal to myself. I find i get bored a bit quick doing that, seeing how high i can get.

So at the moment I feel i am bringing a lot of new fun and enjoyment and elements to this (gonna call it a genre now!) area of phone gaming. I do have a choice where i could make a completely new game, and that does appeal as well. I have about a dozen designs and i am sure by the end of writing this i will have a few more i would like to try.

I make the games i do because i thought of them. I might have some unconsious leanings from things seen and experienced before. But then is all we create born from our experiences? So i will strive to make the best games i can.

Da Voodoochief

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