Monday, December 6, 2010

Xblig Xna First load up in VS 2010

So I load up my project and it wants to convert it. Should be easy and straight forward enough i am sure.

When it is finished i find what appears to be my first issue..

Missing Configuration Selector and Build Menu option.
Here how to fix that.
  •    Find some good way of getting it back, so i searched the web and found this page Help. Follow the next bullet points to do what is nescessary though.
  • In Tools/Options click 'show all settings' in the bottom left corner
  • In Tools/Options/Project Solutions/General click the 'Show advanced build configurations'
  •    Now this had me baffled cos it still did not work. Until...
  • In Tools/Settings select 'Expert Settings'
  •   As if by magic you now have your Build menu along with Config selector. YAY!
So that was my first foray. What will be next I wonder.

I have decided i might have to be more granular in the way i Blog this. so it can be more useful and also keep me Blogging the details. So after they are all done, i will do a post linking them in order.


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