Saturday, December 4, 2010

Windows 7 is now mine!

After my HD died yesterday i went and bought a replacement from Best Buy. A 500GB unit that should be fine for developing on. Then i spent 3.5 hours formatting and re-installing windows Xp on it. Only to realise as i went to bed late that it may not be my best course.

One of the reasons i have been not wanting to upgrade to Windows 7 is simply because of the time and work involved with doing the re0-install of all the applications i use. However i have now been forced to do just that. So after talking it over this morning with my friend, i went out and bought a windows 7 upgrade.

I have to say that the installation was amazingly simple and fast compared to the Xp version. It has been wonderful so far. Of course i hope it continues this way.

I now have my Blog bookmarked once more and am hoping to get back to developing soonish. Of course i probably have at least 2-3 more days of installing software ahead of me. Time will tell.


and one bonues is that Adobe Air works on this system now, so now i have Tweetdeck at home, Freakin Yeah!

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