Sunday, December 5, 2010

Upgrading to 4.0 from 3.1 Xna

Ok, so call me stupid if ya want. But i went to the App hub and tried to quickly grab the Xna suite and C# Express for my new windows install. Now i figured this would be a really fast and simple thing to do. Only it didn't turn out that way. In fact i obtained the locations of these files to install them from searching the WWW with Google. WTF is that about, really.

What i got from the App Hub initially was a version of VS that is for the WM7 Phone. also the Xna suite that goes with it. This was causing me issues trying to get my windows version working. In fact i knew  i had an issue right away cos of the fact there were no active configurations. Still, i guess i missed something somewhere.

Why is it so hard for people not just MS to make  anice download page where items and basic instructions are laid out. Starting with what ya might be interested in and then drilling down to the real page. Now i know some people will think that it already exists, and don't get me wrong, there is something. A lot of talk and either no links or broken ones.

what a pile is my first thoughts on foraying into Xna 4.0 world.

Tomorrow i will attempt to upgrade my 3.1 application to 4.0. (i have located some useful looking links to help me out, i will put them in an update tomorrow if they do me any good).



  1. My feeling is that microsoft has rused 4.0 and is completely overwhelmed. From initial WP7 forums to the large amount of geotrust issues to this problem you're talking about (which I also had)

  2. Wait... VS# 2010 for phones isn't the only thing available to us??? *#&%@ Microsoft....
    Thanks for the heads up; I'm off to uninstall VS2010fp and get what I really needed.
    I too was having a real sh*t of a time with odd little errors that didn't make any sense (to the point where my only option was to go back and reinstall VS2008 and 3.1 to finish my 3.1 project)

  3. Thank for posting the two of you. I have to say i felt quite frustrated yesterday, and tbh a little stupid. I figured it should be easy, and other people have done it. IOnly now i feel that it is not obvious or easy. Most people must have just worked their way through it, as i now will.

    I will make a proper post soon with real links for people to get what they need, now i know there is some level of need.

    Alas, i am not well today, so i suspect it won't happen until tomorrow, or until i feel better. staring at the compy is not making me feel good.

    Once again, thanks for posting, it has made me feel better about the situation.

    Da Voodoochief