Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Music in my Game part 2 #gamedev

Back again!

This time I have spent way too much time trying to decide on whether or not I should or even need to buy an Audio manager for Unity.

Other game development teams MUST have faced this problem. The Unity audio mixer seems pretty darned useful to me, and I am not sure of it's shortcomings. In fact I cannot seem to find a review about it, or even any real commentary of it's abilities. Yet reading the Unity docs on it, it sounds great (no pun intended).

So here I am wondering just what to do? Do I spend money and buy an audio manager from the asset store? Or is the built in audio control in Unity enough for me.

My opinion on this is that the built in one is most likely absolutely ok for my game. However... If I buy an audio manager, will it save me time, or perhaps make it easier for my Daughter to manipulate the sounds in the game? If either one of these is true, then I should buy one right?

I did find this one Blog review:-


I like what this guy wrote, an opinion or two. I know this was a while ago and he was looking forward to the release of Unity 5.0 to get the new sound controls. We are of course there now, and I wonder what he thinks now?

He does mention several audio assets in the store, and I have been pondering a couple of them already. Watching their promotional youtube videos etc. I have also read a bunch of their comments.

After watching the instructional/promotional videos for several of the audio assets. I believe that the Master Audio AA Sound is the one I am going to choose, as it looks like it will fulfill both the speed of use criteria AND the ability to allow my daughter to work in this area of the game.

Here is a link to this particular asset, currently at 45 dollars.

I also looked at the now FREE audio manager called SoundManager Pro 3. But have not chosen this, because I believe the event system in Master Audio is going to be better for me personally.

I hope to update at some point when I have had time to buy, import and use the Audio manager.

Da Voodoochief

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