Saturday, April 9, 2016

Fountain 3D Spatial Blend Unity3d #gamedev

Well I got to spend some time on the audio today. Enough time to watch some tutorial videos from Unity (even if a few are out of date). I also read the docs on Master Audio.

However Master audio was not my focus today. Getting the Fountain working properly was my aim... and I SUCCEEDED!

I have placed an informative video onto youtube for anyone else interested in using the Unity Editor for auditioning your Spatial Blended sound Effect. It is Awesome!

In the Video above I show you a few things that took me a bit of time and research to find. I am hoping by showing them off in this video I can save others the time it took me.

Notes on the Video:
1. Top left there is a Speaker Icon that will allow you to audition your sounds while in the Editor and not having to Run the game.
2. Selecting an Audio Source in the Hierarchy will show you a graph which shows you relative distance of the listener as well as Spatial Blend and other control parameter curves.
3. Once you have set the Audition audio button, you can scroll the window around to hear how the audio sounds all over you scene.

My Fountain test audio works. It ALSO pans from the left and right speakers properly, which is really Awesome.

I am very nearly all the way through this audio set up, and I believe I also know enough about Master Audio to convert this work over to using it. That is for another day however.

Da Voodoochief

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