Thursday, April 7, 2016

Game Audio Frustration pt #3 #gamedev

You know... I bought the Master Audio AAA asset for Unity so I could plough through and throw my SFX and Music into the game.

This is NOT the case.

Now I know that Master Audio is doing a good job at what it does. Heck, I just joined the forums to ask dumb questions today and there really is not much activity in there for saying many many people have downloaded this asset and are presumably using it.

The issue is me.. and my knowledge of the existing system within Unity. But if I have to learn all that anyway, why did I buy this asset?

I am stuck on two things:

1. I want to play a sound in a scene that the master audio prefab was not created in. I get some error I have not yet had time to work through. Something like 'MasterAudio could not find sound: SceneBus. If your Scene just changed, this could happen when an OnDisable or OnInvisible event sound happened to a per-scene sound, which is expected. Triggered by prefab: Fountain'. - I have No idea how to fix #1...

2. I want this fountain sound to have it's volume based on distance the camera is from the source object of the sound. Only I don't understand how to do this. I did post this question in the forums, but I do not understand the answer yet. The Mixer was mentioned along with this being basic Unity audio functionality. So tomorrow I will read again the docs on the mixer, and hopefully resolve this issue.

So this is where I am. I have been very busy with real work and so have not yet spent enough time on this, but I have read through the docs a few times... now if only some of it would stay in my head...

Must be getting old haha!

When I resolve these issues I will blog about them, so everyone will know the answers.

Da Voodoochief

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